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Stirling Engine Generator Model

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This is, we think, one of the absolute the coolest items you can buy today using Bitcoin! A Stirling engine is a heat engine that is operated by the cyclic compression and expansion of air or other gas (the working fluid) at different temperatures, resulting in a net conversion of heat energy to mechanical work. In other words, you apply some heat to the glass chamber, set it in motion, and it will keep going for as long as there is fuel in the tank! Very high quality machined components. Recommended to use alcohol (isopropyl) in the lamp to provide the heat and burn clean. 

The more people that embrace shopping with cryptocurrencies, the faster they will be adopted, and the higher their values will get. So hodl most of what you have, spend a little Bitcoin on products like this Stirling Engine Generator Model, and tell your friends about us. If they're more of an altcoin guy, we'll work with them too! The Bitcoin Shop - - Now proudly also accepting XLM (Stellar), XRP (Ripple), and Dogecoin.

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Last Updated: Jul 30, 2021