Why you should consider Stellar XLM or Ripple XRP payments over Bitcoin

Please read important information below on how crypto payments work, related fees, and transaction times

We accept Bitcoin, Stellar Lumens (XLM), Bitcoin Cash, Dai, Ethereum, Litecoin, USD Coin, Dogecoin, and Ripple (XRP)

For smaller purchases we actually recommend you convert your Bitcoin to Stellar Lumens (XLM) or Ripple (XRP) using Coinbase, Binance, or other platform where you hold your BTC, and pay with XLM or XRP. Read on to learn why


Network Fees & Transaction Times

Different tokens have different transaction times and fees for the network to confirm the transactions. These often vary. For example, if Bitcoin is currently very volatile (prices rising or falling significantly over a short period) then the network fees and confirmation times can be higher. 

What are Network Fees or Gas fees? These fees compensate miners for processing transactions and allowing transfers to complete - essentially using their hashing power to include your transaction in a block so there is a permanent and undisputable record of it. When you send a payment your wallet will either determine a set fee based on current network conditions, or let you specify the fee you're willing to pay. The higher the fee you pay in relation to everyone else, the more priority your transaction gets and the faster it will complete - it's kind of similar to bribing the restaurant host to put you at the top of the waitlist for a table!

The transaction time (time taken for your payment to go through) also varies significantly by currency. 

The following provides estimated confirmation times and required confirmations on the network for the tokens we accept:


Average Network/Gas Fee for $25 transaction

Average Time to Complete

Bitcoin (BTC)

$2 - $10

20-40 minutes minutes

Stellar Lumens (XLM) $0.000005 <30 seconds

Dai (DAI)

$5 - $15

5 minutes

Dogecoin (XDG)

$5 - $15

20 minutes

Ethereum (ETH)

$5 - $15

5 minutes

Litecoin (LTC)


30 minutes

Ripple (XRP)


30-60 seconds


$5 - $15

5 minutes


As you can see, Stellar (XLM) offers both the fastest transaction times and the lowest fees (basically there are no fees, it's a fraction of a cent!). Hence, we suggest that if you are looking to spend Bitcoin, you actually convert it into XLM and pay with that, rather than Bitcoin. Ripple (XRP) is also a very good choice if you have the ability to use it as the network fees are also very low, and transaction times very fast. If you use Coinbase, Binance, Kraken, or almost any other platform it is very easy to convert Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency into Stellar Lumens (XLM) or Ripple (XRP) - it takes just seconds. Then simply select one of these as your payment method, and send XLM or XRP to the address provided. Our automated payment system will do the rest. 

See how easy and fast Stellar Lumens (XLM) payment is on shopinbitcoin.com

Convert BTC to XLM for fastest and free payments

Of course, we are happy to accept payments in Bitcoin too. And maybe you are here with the specific intention of paying for something using Bitcoin, which is great! Many customers pay in Bitcoin every day, and it works very well. But please bear in mind that you'll have to pay some network fees and it will probably take 20-40 minutes for your payment to be confirmed - we don't want you to have any surprises. 


Let's say you store your Bitcoin in Coinbase, but you want to transfer some to Binance to trade. Then, once you've made some extra Satoshis through trading, you decide to send your profits back to Coinbase. Problem is, you will pay hefty fees for each of these transactions - likely 5-10%. Our solution?

  1. Use Coinbase to convert the Bitcoin to Stellar XLM at the current market rate. This may 'cost' you about 0.5-1% from Coinbase's spread.
  2. Send Stellar Lumens to your Binance XLM wallet. This will cost you nothing
  3. In Binance, trade your XLM back to Bitcoin. This will cost you practically nothing (about 0.1%). Now you have Bitcoin to trade with
  4. To send profits back to Coinbase, reverse the process:
    1. Trade your Bitcoin to XLM (costs practically nothing - about 0.1% again)
    2. Send your XLM from Binance to your Coinbase XLM wallet (costs nothing)
    3. Convert XLM back to BTC in Coinbase (Costs 0.5-1%)
  5. The end result is you likely save 80%+ of the network fees you'd have paid by sending Bitcoin back and forth across the network
  6. You are welcome!