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Electric Wine Aerator

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Here's a great experiment next time you serve red wine: Open a mid-priced bottle and pour a small glass. Pour a second glass through this aerator. Bring out both and tell your guests you are trying a couple of new wines and want to get their opinions. We can almost guarantee that they will think you have poured two different wines, and that the one you aerated will have more flavor, seem longer aged, and be voted as the better (and pricier) bottle. Unless your friends drink cheap wine of course, then just give them vinegar while you enjoy the good stuff. 

This aerator can add the equivalent years of aging to young wines in a few seconds. Give it a try. It will pay for itself in a few bottles of cheaper wine that will taste like much more expensive vintages! And, if you buy it with Bitcoin it comes with a great story too.

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Last Updated: Sep 25, 2021